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Initial Client Reactions

Below is a collection of our favorite initial reactions emailed to us after clients viewed their finished videos for the first time. These responses have been collected from throughout our years in business and demonstrate our consistent ability to efficiently meet or exceed client expectations.

“I think the video is expert, per usual. It is beautifully edited and economical in its use of time to model and explain shadowing. Everyone communicates clearly about Shadowing and the students seem relaxed and authentic. The comments of the teachers (Katie and Jason) who did the shadowing are on point. Thank you so much!”

Center for Urban Education Leadership, UIC College of Education

“I’m really pleased with the video, as I hope and expect others will be. You solicited many great comments both from staff and patients, and I like how you brought them all together into a relatively brief and compelling video. Plus everybody looks really good, too!”

Rush University Medical Center

“Great news, the UPS team loves the video as much as we do!!! They had no changes at all. We're still waiting to hear back from BGCA, we're not anticipating any huge changes there. Thanks again - it's awesome!”

Marketing Support Inc. for UPS and Boys & Girls Clubs of America

“They are awesome. Makes me want to cry. I’m not kidding.”

Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers

“Oh. My. God. This is fantastic.”

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Education

“Really like it. You've brought a visual set of ideas that I hadn't ever considered before.”

Agency 360 for Hawthorne Race Course

“Looks great. We are very pleased!”

NovaCare Rehabilitation

“This is really fabulous! I need to send it to the Tableau and Advocate folks for feedback and approval. I really like what I see.”

Slalom Consulting for Tableau Software and Advocate Healthcare

“OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!! Great work as usual.”

Big City Brand Co. for Chief Enterprises

“WOW! You did a world-class job of telling this story in a way that is colorful, interesting, intriguing, and informative. You did all of this in an efficient and yet story-rich way. I can't thank you enough.”

Center for Urban Education Leadership, UIC College of Education

“Homerun. Congrats. Really well done. It really captures what ICIJ is in a very elegant, vibrant way.”

International Consortium of Independent Journalists (ICIJ)

“The client thinks it is “phenomenal!” We all couldn’t be happier. It’s really fantastic and we appreciate your work.”

Carolyn Grisko & Associates for Donate Life Illinois

“My initial reaction is this: You are an alchemist.”

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Applied Health Sciences

“We’re already hearing from colleagues that they will integrate these videos into their training programs—exactly what we were hoping to accomplish! Thank you for all the work you and your team put into this project!”

UC San Francisco, Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health

“We love it! We don’t have any revisions.”

Casa Central

“Holy Cow! This is great. Count me impressed. Terrific work.”

Midwest Democracy Network

“I’m delighted with how everything turned out. It’s “light years” ahead of what the Fellowship had before. Great job.”

Illinois Early Childhood Fellows