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Education Video Services

Schools and educational programs have multiple audiences they are trying to reach. The multi-sensory experience of video is one of the most powerful and versatile ways to connect with stakeholders — whether online, at an event or in a meeting.

Rush Powers Media has helped a variety of education clients tell their video stories and communicate their key messages. From generating excitement about a program to building relationships with new students to maximizing the investment in a live event, we have produced many different types of videos, including:


A recruitment video illustrates the quality of a school’s faculty, programs and students, and the success of its graduates.


An identity video highlights the breadth and depth of an educational program — and connects with faculty, alumni, funders, or prospective students.

School Pride

Testimonial interviews convey the passion current students have about their school of choice.

Nonprofit Program Overview

A promotional storytelling video introduces a solution to a community problem.


Experiencing the benefits of a program through testimonial interviews, documentary-style footage, music and animated photos and graphics creates a compelling ask.

Event Speaker Interviews

Quickly interviewing speakers, panelists and other stakeholders at an event generates unique content and capitalizes on the resources already invested.

Online Orientation

Video clips that feature school leaders, faculty and/or upperclassmen providing key information enhance a school’s online orientation.