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Health Care Video Services

More than ever, patients and their families are turning to the web when researching health care decisions — searching for a physician or a hospital, looking up information on a procedure or treatment, or learning about other health care services.

Reading about who and what is available is essential—but, next to an in-person interaction, nothing connects with people more than the multifaceted experience of watching video.

Rush Powers Media has helped a variety of clients tell their health care video stories. From bringing doctors’ personalities to life to providing step-by-step instructions for a specific procedure, we have produced many different types of health care videos, including:

Physician Profile

A 30-to-60-second video clip highlighting a physician's credentials, philosophy of care and personality can accompany a profile in an online directory, be posted on a YouTube channel and more.

Patient Story

A testimonial interview from a patient is one of the most powerful ways to communicate the quality of care delivered by a health care provider.

Treating a Condition

Hearing doctors explain a condition — and seeing them in action treating the condition with a real-time documentary feel — enhances information delivered via text, photo and/or illustrations on a website.

TV Commercial

Investing in one or a series of television spots and incorporating them into a well-planned advertising campaign is still one of the most powerful ways to reach your target audience.

Health Care Program Recruitment

A recruitment video highlights the strengths of a college or program, including the quality of its curriculum, notable features of its culture and alumni success stories.

Health Care Program Spotlight

Prospective patients may be drawn to a unique program by an inspiring video that provides a better understanding of the services provided.


Whether the video provides step-by-step instructions, models techniques or provides a general overview, presenting your instructional content with sound and moving images can allow the material to have more of an impact and reach a wider audience.

Technology/Innovation Showcase

A video that presents advances in technology and/or technique in an attractive way can inspire confidence in a health care institution.

Informational Tour

An introduction to facilities at a hospital or clinic via documentary-style interviews and b-roll footage makes a difference to patients in the decision-making process.

Nonprofit Provider Overview

A compelling, promotional storytelling video elicits an emotional response and emphasizes special services and unique expertise to enhance fundraising and marketing opportunities.

Business Solution

A case study video shows how partners across sectors collaborate to solve health care challenges.